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How much does a Boeing airplane cost?

When it comes to the aviation industry but especially the commercial aviation industry Boeing has been one of the biggest names since its beginnings. Over the years, they have continuously innovated and brought some of the most incredible airplanes to the market. With innovation, technology and other features comes a pretty hefty price tag for a Boeing airplane. The cost of such an aircraft is influenced by numerous factors, with the primary one being whether the aircraft is brand new or has been previously owned. Additionally, there are several other significant variables that affect the price of these planes, which we will explore in detail to gain a better understanding of how much a Boeing airplane costs.

How much does a new Boeing airplane cost?

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
By pjs2005 from Hampshire, UK – Boeing 787 N1015B ANA Airlines, CC BY-SA 2.0

The price of a new Boeing-built aircraft can vary greatly, with the list price that the company published being just a guideline. The actual price that airlines pay Boeing for an airplane comes with discounts, sometimes halving the list price of the plane, depending on the relationship between the airline and Boeing, the quantity of airplanes the airline orders as well as other issues that negotiators on both sides discuss. The actual price airlines pay is usually a closely guarded secret between the two parties. In this case, the list price displayed by Boeing is one of the best benchmarks to see how much one of their planes costs.

How much does a Boeing 737 cost?

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700

The Boeing 737 is a narrow-body aircraft introduced in February 1968. Since then Boeing’s 737 has become the world’s best-selling airliner, built and sold in multiple variants over the years: the 737 Original (-100, -200), 737 Classic (-300, -400, -500), 737 Next Generation (-600, -700, -800, -900), and Boeing 737 MAX (MAX 7/8/9/10).

Boeing 737 FamilyList price
737-700$89.1 million
737-800$106.1 million
737-900ER$112.6 million
737 MAX 7$99.7 million
737 MAX 8$121.6 million
737 MAX 200$124.8 million
737 MAX 9$128.91 million
737 MAX 10$134.9 million

How much does a Boeing 747 cost?

Boeing 747, Photo by Nick Morales on Unsplash
Photo by Nick Morales on Unsplash

The Boeing 747, known to many as the “Queen of the skies” was introduced in 1970, and in January 2023 the last 747 was delivered to Atlas Air. Production of these aircraft has been halted, so currently only pre-owned Boeing 747 aircraft can be purchased. You can see in more detail how much a Boeing 747 costs here.

Boeing 747 FamilyList price
747-8$418.4 million
747-8 Freighter$419.2 million

How much does a Boeing 767 cost?

Boeing 767
Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is a wide-body aircraft that was introduced in 1982 and to date has been delivered in 1,271 units. Currently, the only Boeing 767 variants still in production are the 767-2C, -300ER, -300 Freighter.

Boeing 767 FamilyList price
767-2C$217.9 million
767-300ER$217.9 million
767-300 Freighter$220.3 million

How much does a Boeing 777 cost?

Boeing 777-222
Boeing 777-200

Boeing 777, the world’s largest twinjet, was introduced in 1995, and to date 1,701 triple sevens have been delivered. It is also Boeing’s most expensive aircraft for sale, with the 777-9 variant having a list price of $442.2 million.

Boeing 777 FamilyList price
777-200ER$306.6 million
777-200LR$346.9 million
777-300ER$375.5 million
777 Freighter$352.3 million
777-8$410.2 million
777-9$442.2 million

How much does a Boeing 787 cost?

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is Boeing’s newest 7×7 family. It was introduced in 2011, and has been delivered in 1,040 units to date.

Boeing 787 FamilyList price
787-8$248.3 million
787-9$292.5 million
787-10$338.4 million

How much does a pre-owned Boeing airplane cost?

Photo by <a href="">George Girnas</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by George Girnas on Unsplash

When it comes to a pre-owned Boeing aircraft, the price is highly variable, depending primarily on the type and variant of the aircraft, the number of flight hours, and its condition. Thus, the price for a pre-owned Boeing can range from an estimated $1.6 million for a Boeing 737-200 to about $84 million for a pre-owned Boeing Business Jet 3.

Pre-owned BoeingEstimated price
737-200$1.6 million
737-300$2.7 million
737-400$6.9 million
737-500$3.5 million
737-600$9.5 million
737-700$22.5 million
747-100$4.7 million
747-200$6.5 million
747-400$20 million
757-200ER$20 million
767-200ER$12.5 million
767-300ER$17.5 million
Boeing BBJ$61.3 million
Boeing BBJ 2$76 million
Boeing BBJ 3$84 million

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